Diesel Vehicle Owners

Starting January 1, 2021 diesel vehicles registered in Cache County will be subject to the following inspection:

1998 – 2006 diesel vehicles 14,000 lbs GVWR or less

Vehicle is subject to a visual anti-tampering inspection. All devices listed on the Vehicle Emissions Control Information (VECI) label must in place and apparently operable. (These labels are typically found on the underside of the hood, on the radiator support, or on the air filter box.)

Missing or disabled emissions devices such as EGR delete kits, missing catalytic converters, etc. will cause the vehicle to fail the inspection.

2007 and newer diesel vehicles 14,000 lbs GVWR or less

These vehicles are subject to a visual anti-tampering inspection as described above.

These vehicles are also subject to an OBD inspection, which means a diagnostic tool will be plugged into the OBD port of the vehicle to determine its status.

Two monitors are allowed to be “not ready”.

If certain monitors are not supported (misfire, fuel system, component, NMHC, or NOx/SCR) your vehicle may be recalled to BRHD for an enhanced inspection.

The Check Engine light must not be illuminated.

Please be aware, if your vehicle is “chipped” or has performance modifications, there is a good chance it will fail the inspection or be recalled to BRHD.

Please get your vehicle inspected as early as possible to avoid problems at registration time.

Inspection Stations

The following stations are able to inspect your diesel vehicle and make you aware of any issues:

Accurate Automotive and Performance
461 N 1000 W, Logan, UT

Auto Evolution
347 W 2500 N, Logan, UT

Bair Auto Repair
57 S 100 E, Richmond, UT

Big-O Tires
240 E 1400 N, Logan, UT

Cache Valley Advantage Automotive •
52 W 3900 N Ste A , Hyde Park, UT

CarSmart Automotive Repair
58 ½ W 400 N, Logan, UT

Discount Tire
885 N Main, Logan, UT

Discount Tire
110 S Hwy 165, Providence, UT

Moonlight Diesel
3280 Main St., Logan, UT