Out of State Deferral Form

FORM – English

    Required Contact Information

    This document is to verify that the vehicle identified below is physically located outside the State of Utah, and to request an out of state deferral from the emissions inspection. This form must be completed in its entirety. Failure to provide ALL information requested will result in the delay or denial of the vehicle emissions deferral. Please allow two business days for processing.

    Verification of Vehicle Location

    OPTION 1: Submit a Passing Emissions Inspection (completed within the previous 60 days) with this Form

    To find if your vehicle is located where there is an emissions inspection program, go to: www.obdclearinghouse.com/IMSolutions

    • Click on the I/M Jurisdiction Report in the gray bar

    • Click on the “Select State” pull down menu to find the state/jurisdiction of your vehicle’s location

    • Click on “Generate State Report”

    • Scroll down to “Contact Information”

    • Contact the program administration and follow instructions to obtain an emissions certificate

    If your vehicle cannot be emissions inspected by a local emissions inspection program or there is no program in the area, you must follow instructions in OPTION 2.

    OPTION 2: Submit a VIN Verification Form

    If there is no emissions inspection program available where your vehicle is located, you must provide documentation of the vehicle’s location by submitting a completed VIN Verification Form from the local law enforcement, motor vehicle department, or if applicable; university or campus police, or a military base official. Please use the attached VIN verification form if the local official does not provide a VIN Verification Form. This form must be signed by local law enforcement, military or campus police.

    Please submit the vehicle’s emissions Certificate or the completed VIN Verification along with this form to:

    Bear River Health Department

    85 E 1800 N

    North Logan, UT 84341

    e-mail: airquality@brhd.org

    Phone: 435-792-6579


    Download the VIN Verification Form here.

    Owner/Vehicle Information

    Questions regarding this request should be directed to the Bear River Health Department.

    Vehicle Information

    Out Of State Address

    *When the deferral is issued, a follow up email will be sent with instructions to complete your registration.

    Click the SEND button only once. It will take just a moment to process your information. You will receive a confirmation email if your submission was successful.