Septic System As-Built Request

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Homeowners need to know where their septic system components are located in order for regular septic system maintenance services to be successfully completed. Bear River Health Department (BRHD) has septic systems as built records for Cache, Rich, and Box Elder Counties on file that are useful for identifying and locating the different septic system components for most homes/buildings built after 1970. BRHD has limited records for homes built from the late 1950’s through 1960’s. If your home is over 30 years old, it is likely that the septic system has been repaired/upgraded and BRHD may have a record of the repair/upgrade. BRHD Records before 1998 are filed under the owner’s name at the time the septic system was constructed. If you do not know previous owner(s) or your parcel number, this information is available for free at your official county website by clicking on one of the following web links:

Cache County
Box Elder County
Rich County

    Required Contact Information

    (copies of records will be emailed unless otherwise noted by the requester)

    (please include physical address, year house built or system installed, owner at the time of installation, tax
    parcel number, subdivision name and lot number, and any other information pertinent to the septic system that may be helpful in finding the

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