Are you concerned about a loved one who currently uses opioids? This use could be for pain from a chronic condition, following surgery, or using it to obtain a high. If so, consider keeping a naloxone kit on hand!

Naloxone (also known as Narcan) is a medication that reverses an opioid overdose. When people have too many opioids in their body they become very drowsy and may stop breathing. Naloxone blocks the effect of the opioid so the patient will be able to breathe normally again and save their life.

Part 1: opioid OVerdose & Giving Naloxone

In this episode of Give’m Health, Diane Jones, Health Educator at the Bear River Health Department, talks about the signs of opioid overdose and how to administer naloxone.

Part 2: What is Naloxone & where Can I get it?

Allena Pierce, a Health Educator at the Bear River Health Department, discusses where and how to get naloxone so you have it on hand.

To get a naloxone kit, here are a few options:

  • Talk with your doctor or pharmacist.
  • You can now purchase a naloxone kit over the counter, right alongside other common over-the-counter medications.
  • The Bear River Health Department has a FREE limited naloxone supply available. These kits are available at the Logan, Brigham City, Tremonton, Randolph and Garden City offices. A brief training on overdose signs and proper use will be given when you pick up the kit.

If you have questions about a naloxone kit click here or call 435-792-6500.